cubix call explorer v2.0 (siemens,hicom,hipath)

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cubix call explorer v2.0 (siemens,hicom,hipath) te koop tweedehands

CUBIX CALL EXPLORER V2.0 (Siemens,Hicom,Hipath)

Cubix CIS box (Call Information Server) hardware 2.0 for use with CUBIX "Call Explorer" metering software for measuring all incoming and outgoing traffic on your telephone system

Serial V-24 connection to PABX for use on Siemens Hicom/Office/Hipath telephone systems (and other brands)
Serial V24 connection to PC for managing the Cis box
Power supply and all cables and connectors included
Call explorer software & manuals included

price 200 euro

(If interested, please mail shipping adress for calculation shipping costs)

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